Wednesday, July 31, 2013

WANTED: Red satin bows Alexis gown

Another memorable red gown worn by Joan Collins on "Dynasty". As I said in a previous blog, I love Alexis in red. This gown is not in my top 10, but it is still a great costume I would love to own. I like the twist detail of the fabric at the bosom, the off the shoulder cut, and of course the vibrant color. This was the gown Alexis changed into after she lost tug-of-war with Krystle, at her very own Renaissance themed ball in season 8. The costume Alexis was originally wearing, that ended up in the mud, was that of Queen Elizabeth, red curly wig and all! Joan wore this gown to the Oscars as well.

WANTED: If anyone has this gown, or any information on its whereabouts, please let me know!

Joan showing a little leg in between scenes.