Wednesday, March 6, 2013

MOST WANTED: Red satin one shouldered Alexis gown

Along with sharing my pieces with all of you, I am also hoping to find a few specific pieces to add to my collection! As I mentioned in my post with the white beaded Alexis gown, my top priority is finding the jacket that goes with that gown to complete my set. But Id also like to highlight a few of my favorite pieces that I would love to acquire! One of my top favorite "Alexis" gowns is this red, satin, one-shouldered number.  I also think the sketch is amazing.  I would love to own both! 

Alexis is arrested for suspected murder at her daughter Fallon's wedding, and gets sent to jail with the hookers and homeless while wearing this gown during the season 4 finale. Of course the jailhouse matron was kind enough to put Alexis' jewels in the safe before throwing her in the slammer.

WANTED: If anyone has this gown or it's sketch, or any information on their whereabouts, please let me know!


Sunday, March 3, 2013

My Collection: White beaded Alexis gown

This gown was worn by Joan Collins as Alexis Carrington Colby on "Dynasty", to the "Joan Collins Roast" hosted by Dean Martin, in the TV movie "Her Life as a Man", in a photo shoot with Diahann Carroll, to an event honoring Princess Margaret of England, and other events.

Joan wore this gown in episode 73 of season 4 "Lancelot".

Alexis wears this gown in a scene while in her penthouse apartment before leaving for a party.  Even though Alexis told Dex she would take her own car and meet him at the party, he arrives at her apartment by surprise.  The two end up staying in her penthouse for a while in this steamy scene.

This gown is white fabric with vertical lines of chalk white bugle beads through out, with close equidistant spacing in between each row. The neckline and back have a low scoop and the wrists and neckline are trimmed with 6 rows of beads without spacing. The gown has a center slit with three pleats on either side which begin at the waist line.

This gown was originally sleeveless and came with a matching jacket. After it's appearance on Dynasty, the sleeves of the jacket were removed and added to the gown.

Joan at an unknown event. Does anyone know what this is from?

Joan in the TV movie "Her Life as a Man"

Joan at her celebrity roast hosted by Dean Martin

Joan at an event for Princess Margaret with Elizabeth Taylor, also wearing Nolan Miller

Gown in season 4 of "Dynasty"

Saturday, March 2, 2013

My Collection: Pink beaded rhinestone Alexis gown

This gown was worn by Joan Collins as Alexis Carrington Colby on "Dynasty" in two different episodes, as well as to the People's Choice Awards in 1985 where she won "Favorite Actress" and Dynasty won "Favorite Show", in photo shoots, including for her "Joan Collections Video Collection" videos, and also on the season 7 Dynasty DVD cover.

Joan wore this gown in episode 114 of season 5 "The Heiress" and in episode 154 of season 7 "The Choice".

In season 5 Alexis wears this gown in a scene with King Galen while visiting Moldavia.  King Galen is in pursuit of Alexis, while she passively resists.  In season 7 Alexis wears this gown while crashing a Carrington family dinner at The Carlton hotel, with Zach Powers as her date, and also later in a scene with Blake in the hotel lobby.

This gown is pink fabric with silver metallic bugle beads, with different sized round crystals scattered through out, as well as rhinestone floral embellishments by the sleeve line.  The sleeves are taffeta with lines of silver bugle beads with half inch to one inch spacing and scattered round rhinestones, as well as a rhinestone floral embellishment in the middle of the bow like sleeve.  The beading is in a "sun burst" pattern starting at the right side of the waist and spraying outwards in all directions, as stated on the sketch. The gown has a center slit that follows the sun burst pattern of the beading. The gown also has a built-in corset, which was a special feature Nolan was known for. Joan doesn't get full credit for that tiny waist!

The gown was altered for its second appearance on the show.  The taffeta shoulder wrap sleeve was transformed into two large bow-like sleeves on either shoulder.  A crystal embellishment was removed from the waist where the beading and crystal pattern begins, and more crystal embellishments were added in between the "bow" sleeves and also to the back of the gown.

Nolan Miller and his staff working on the gown.

The "Joan Collins Video Selection" VHS collection

 Joan winning "Favorite Actress" at the 1985 People's Choice Awards

Dynasty winning "Favorite show" at the 1985 People's Choice Awards

Gown in season 7 of "Dynasty"

Gown in season 5 of "Dynasty"