Saturday, March 2, 2013


Hello everyone and welcome to my blog!

I was recently inspired by a buddy of mine to create a blog site dedicated to my Nolan Miller collection.  (It is quite small at this point, but I am proud of the pieces I have). The purpose being to share these treasures with the public, connect with other fans of Nolan Miller's work, and maybe locating some pieces to add to my collection, if Im lucky! ;-)

I am always happy to share what I have and see what is in others' collections. I don't understand these collectors who keep everything so secretive and hush hush. What's the point in having these things if you only covet them for yourself and don't share with others! I have already learned that the costume collecting world is a bizarre place. However, I have met several wonderful people with equally wonderful collections along the way as well. Thank you to those wonderful people, especially Nick!

Anyway, I will be posting pictures of my collection, information on my pieces, as well as posting pictures of items I would love to acquire for my collection!

Enjoy and thanks for visiting!