Sunday, March 3, 2013

My Collection: White beaded Alexis gown

This gown was worn by Joan Collins as Alexis Carrington Colby on "Dynasty", to the "Joan Collins Roast" hosted by Dean Martin, in the TV movie "Her Life as a Man", in a photo shoot with Diahann Carroll, to an event honoring Princess Margaret of England, and other events.

Joan wore this gown in episode 73 of season 4 "Lancelot".

Alexis wears this gown in a scene while in her penthouse apartment before leaving for a party.  Even though Alexis told Dex she would take her own car and meet him at the party, he arrives at her apartment by surprise.  The two end up staying in her penthouse for a while in this steamy scene.

This gown is white fabric with vertical lines of chalk white bugle beads through out, with close equidistant spacing in between each row. The neckline and back have a low scoop and the wrists and neckline are trimmed with 6 rows of beads without spacing. The gown has a center slit with three pleats on either side which begin at the waist line.

This gown was originally sleeveless and came with a matching jacket. After it's appearance on Dynasty, the sleeves of the jacket were removed and added to the gown.

Joan at an unknown event. Does anyone know what this is from?

Joan in the TV movie "Her Life as a Man"

Joan at her celebrity roast hosted by Dean Martin

Joan at an event for Princess Margaret with Elizabeth Taylor, also wearing Nolan Miller

Gown in season 4 of "Dynasty"