Thursday, September 5, 2013

WANTED: White beaded two piece Alexis gown

This is the iconic gown that Alexis wore in the season 6 finale. After taking over Carrington mansion under Blake's nose, Alexis ends up getting strangled by Blake on the staircase, culminating in another dramatic cliffhanger! Season 7 begins with Alexis in this gown, escaping death thanks to Krystle intervening.  On Dynasty, Joan wore the top half of this ensemble, but wore a non-beaded skirt instead of the matching full length beaded skirt. Ann Margret wore the full set to an event and Stephanie Beacham also wore the full set in a magazine pictorial featuring her portraying different famous stars. Stephanie was supposed to be portraying Elizabeth Taylor while wearing this gown.

WANTED: If anyone has this gown, or any information on its whereabouts, please let me know!