Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Collection: Metallic gold swirl Alexis gown

This gown was worn by Joan Collins as Alexis Carrington Colby on "Dynasty", to the 1986 Emmy Awards, in the intro for season 7 of "Dynasty", and in a photo shoot with Diahann Carroll and Linda Evans.

Joan wore this gown in episode 152 of season 7 "Romance".

Alexis wears this gown on a date with Dex at the Carlton Hotel.  Dex has rented out the entire dining room and later proposes to Alexis in this scene.

This gown is black fabric woven with rows of flat, gold, metallic thread with various levels of exposure to create the pattern.  The pattern is free flowing and abstract, consisting of what looks like the swirled ripples of oil on water and also leaf-like formations.  The neckline is plunging and held in place with a length of metal wire sewn underneath the fabric from shoulder to shoulder across the front of the gown.  The gown features a low cowl back, large shoulder pads, a high center slit, and a double fish-tail sash that is gathered at the middle front below the waist.  The inside of the gown contains a built in corset and black satin slip anchored with small weights on either side.

Joan at the 1986 Emmy Awards