Saturday, July 21, 2018

WANTED: Pink silk Alexis negligee with ostrich feather cuffs

I am generally not after the negligees and bed time costumes as I am more interested in the formal gowns and dramatic looks, however some of the Dynasty night wear was exceptionally glamorous.  This is one of those bed time looks that I would like to have in my collection.  This ensemble is comprised of a pale pink silk robe with a paisley design with an over abundance of dramatic ostrich feathers at the cuffs and a matching silk slip underneath.  This is one of those costumes that is beautiful in motion-- the long robe flowed and fluttered as Joan walked around in the scene, along with the dramatic swooshing around of the oversized ostrich feather cuffs at the sleeves.

WANTED: If anyone has this costume, or any information on its whereabouts, please let me know!