Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Collection: Sketch of pink beaded Alexis gown

Here is the Nolan Miller sketch of the pink beaded Alexis gown seen in season 5 and 7 of Dynasty. This is a working sketch, as you can see from the notes written in pencil by Nolan on the sides. This sketch is signed by Nolan as well as Joan Collins. 

In season 5 Alexis wears this gown in a scene with King Galen while visiting Moldavia.  King Galen is in pursuit of Alexis, while she passively resists.  In season 7 Alexis wears this gown while crashing a Carrington family dinner at The Carlton hotel, with Zach Powers as her date, and also later in a scene with Blake in the hotel lobby.

I am not sure if a larger board sketch for this gown was made, or if another sketch was made for the first version of this gown with the wrap-around sleeves as seen in season 5. This sketch appears to be of the gown's second appearance with the altered puffy bow sleeves as seen in season 7.

If anyone knows if there was a board sketch of this gown, or a sketch with the different sleeve type, please let me know!