Sunday, January 8, 2017

WANTED: Black and white assymetrical lapel Alexis suit

Joan Collins first appeared on "Dynasty" wearing a simple black and white suit with a large dramatic hat.  This striking look really set the tone for the style of Alexis and her character wore many black and white suits throughout the shows run.  Out of the many black and white suits Alexis wore on the show, this is one of my favorites.  It is simple but unique in that it has a lapel on only one side of the jacket.  The contrasting colors of black and white in the jacket, lapel, and skirt gives it a sleek, modern, and edgy look.  The sketch for this suit is stunning, and reveals that a large black and white hat was originally part of this design.  Joan wore the large hat with the suit for promotional pictures but when the suit appeared on Dynasty a small white hat was used instead.  I prefer the dramatic wide brimmed hat of the original design.

WANTED: If anyone has this costume, or any information on its whereabouts, please let me know!