Sunday, September 18, 2016

WANTED: Black taffeta ruffle Alexis gown

This is another gown that was altered after Joan wore it on Dynasty.  An interior layer of red taffeta was added some time later. Again, the alterations to this gown do not enhance the piece and only detract from the original design.  The gown looks much better in solid black, without the red under layer that makes it resemble a Flamenco dancer's outfit.  Joan wore this gown to several events and also in the opening of Dynasty.  This gown is very 80's, but I think Joan looks terrific in this.  The matching black opera gloves with ruffles at the top add to the drama of the look.  It is not one of my favorites, but still a worth while costume.

WANTED: If anyone has this costume, or any information on its whereabouts, please let me know!