Monday, July 14, 2014

My collection: Sketch of red chiffon Krystle gown

This is the Nolan Miller sketch for the red matte chiffon gown worn by Linda Evans.  This gown was made for Linda's role as Krystle, and the design was also used for the McCall's "Dynasty Collection" dress pattern kits.  Linda did not ever wore this design on the show, but she did wear the gown for the photo shoot for McCall's as well as to a personal event.  This sketch is done on large sketch board.  The back of the sketch has hand written notes stating "# 12 - Linda Evans - Krystle - Dynasty".  This leads me to believe that this design was made for Linda to wear on the show and perhaps the scene got cut or a different gown was used instead.

If anyone has any information on where Linda wore this design, or the location of the actual gown, please let me know!